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Every construction project – whether new build, renovation, or extension – requires the highest standards of planning, design, craftsmanship, and groundwork.

FJS Contracts Ltd. goes above and beyond to ensure all your residential and commercial projects go from the ideation to the implementation stage, seamlessly.

If you’re anywhere in Northern Ireland or the UK and need a reliable and affordable construction contractor for your housing, office, or factory project, connect with us today!

A new build starts with your vision of your property.

We sit with you, understand your requirements and preferences, and develop a detailed plan of your dream home or office.

Our creative designers come up with a tailored design, which is then brought to life by our experienced builders.

For the construction phase, we have our professional and experienced staff on-ground, using state-of-the-art machinery and the highest quality of raw materials, ensuring everything goes as planned.

Plus, we incorporate energy and cost-efficient solutions that help you maximise livability and optimise, space, sustainably.

Our goal: your home or commercial space prepared on time and within budget!

Want to revamp your property to suit your needs?
Eager to breathe new life to the places that matter to you?
Have had enough of the dingy and deteriorating infrastructure?

We enable you to repair, restructure, and renovate your residential or commercial property just the way you want.

If you have an idea but are unsure of how it will pan out, our team will walk you through the virtual design, highlighting its benefits and challenges.

At FJS Contracts Ltd. we ensure you enhance usability, boost productivity, and customise your place – all while meeting your time and budget requirements!

Whether you have unutilised space on your property or have acquired new land to accommodate a growing need, we offer comprehensive extensions for all purposes.

Do you want to compliment the existing house’s design? Or are you looking to accelerate your companies’ production and warehouse operations?

We tailor the project to help your goals fully, keeping in mind permits, deadlines, and costs!

Isn’t that just what you want?

We Turn Your Ideas Into Reality

At FJS Contract Ltd, we see every new build, renovation, or extension as an opportunity to create something extraordinary.

Let us provide safe, affordable, and comprehensive solutions to all your construction needs.

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