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Leading Contractor In Education Sector

FJS Contracts Ltd specialises in constructing an extensive range of modern and performance-enhancing educational facilities, including primary and secondary schools, colleges, and universities in Northern Island and the United Kingdom. Committed to transforming communities and making a positive difference, we at FJS Contracts Ltd work as contractors to plan and deliver an array of projects in the education sector – always on time and on budget.

Up For The Challenge To Build Educational Facilities

Different educational institutions have different design and construction requirements. Be it a classroom that requires the flexible use of space and ability to accommodate innovative teaching methods, ultra-specialised sports facilities that need to be optimized to host large events or laboratories that need to adhere to specific health and safety requirements, we can build aesthetic, modern, state-of-the-art, secure, and highly functional educational buildings for you.

Holistic Construction Services Available On-demand

From offering expert consultation and understanding your personalised requirements as well as collaborating with you to finalise the concepts and designs to breathing life into your vision by successfully executing and constructing the educational building from the ground up, we do it all. Plus, we leave no stone unturned in minimising the impact during the construction stage, ensuring we do not disturb the educational environment. That’s not all. We also effectively communicate with you, keeping you in the loop

FJS Contracts Ltd Caters To All Your Needs

A team of professional, experienced, and certified builders and developers with an exceptional track record of building constructing educational buildings of all types and sizes, FJS Contracts Ltd is a company you can count on. Our dynamic and highly skilled team, extensive resources, ever-expanding capabilities, cutting-edge technological solutions, and efficient as well as sustainable building practices allow us to deliver real value, delighting our clients every time.